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Build Workout


Many times we don't realize how our lifestyle directly affects our fitness and overall health. That afternoon walk around the office might be just what you need to keep those extra pounds off and keep your mind clear. Finding the right customized workout program to fit your lifestyle is our goal. Whether your exercise goals can be reached with a great resistance workout or an aggressive weight lifting program, we can match your needs with our highly customizable, daily exercise log and workout planner.

Personalize Exercise Log

Our tools are built to make it easy to track your daily exercise. It starts with an extensive exercise database that includes over 1000 exercises across 23 categories. But we don't limit you to only those exercises. If you can't find what you are looking for, we give you the tools to create your own customized exercises. You can then build a list of your favorite exercises, making it easy to drag and drop it onto a day. Your daily exercise totals will automatically update as each exercise is added.

Your custom exercise log is designed to give an overall view of your daily exercise routine while providing detailed information of each exercise. If you are following an exercise routine by your physical therapist, or your favorite fitness personality, we want to give you a simple exercise log that lets you track each exercise to see how you are keeping up. You might even find that combining exercise from different sources work better for your body and fitness success.

Custom Exercises

Creating a custom exercise is easy and very flexible. You can include instructions on how to do the exercise as a reminder of proper form. Some of the other settings included when building a new exercise are:

  • Type: Category type used to calculate a caloric and fat burn total for the exercise.

  • Cardio: If the exercise gives you a cardiovascular benefit, using this flag will include it with your daily cardio totals.

  • Strengthening: Specifies that the exercise builds muscle strength. Using this flag will include it in strength time totals for the day.

  • Time of Day: This simply sets the time of day you generally perform the exercise. When you drag and drop to a day, it will default the entry tot this timeslot.
  • Duration: Duration indicates the general amount of time that is spent performing the exercise. This value is used to calculate your total exercise, cardio, and strength times for the daily summary.

  • Amount: Adjust based on the type of exercise. This setting is adaptable to display as distance, laps, reps, revolutions, steps, or N/A. If the exercise is only performed for a duration, this setting will be ignored.

  • Weight: Primarily used for weighted exercises, such as weight training or resistance levels. If the exercise is only performed for a duration, this setting will also be ignored.

When a customized exercise is created, it will automatically be added to your list of My Exercises. We remember it for you so that all you need to do is drag and drop it to the correct day.

Custom Workout Routines

Organize your exercises into custom workout routines when you generally do them together. This will save you time and provide an immediate idea of how much benefit you get from each exercise session. Like custom exercises, you can include special instructions in your workout detail. Add exercises in the order you perform them. Then the next time you add a workout to your day, it will add each of those exercise in that order. You only change what is different. If you have a different exercise program you do on specific days of the week, create multiple custom workouts. You will see how much time it saves and how it can highlight times when you deviate from your regular routine. Try it out today!

Fitness Equipment Interaction

Let us customize your workout plan with your own fitness equipment. It doesn't matter if you use the latest treadmill capturing 20 different fitness measurements or a stationary bike with no electronic tracking mechanism. We want to track all of the exercises you perform on your personal and commercial fitness equipment. As this feature continues to expand, we are working with equipment manufacturers to customize exercises tailored to their specific piece of equipment. This feature is explained more on the fitness equipment tracking page.

Fitness Device Interaction

Integration of your personal fitness devices in HealtheHuman™ has lots of benefits. Many times the information stored on your favorite pedometer or heart rate monitor may be difficult to access. The information may only be stored for a week, or you need to use the software that came with the product to actually look at it. In HealtheHuman™ we want to accommodate all of your fitness device information, whether you have 1 or 5 devices, all in the same place. See how you can track and monitor your measurements over time with our integrated reporting and charting features.