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Personal Training



No boring personal training here! Stay Motivated!

We’ll help you develop a healthy body with a diverse workout that targets BACK TO BASICS strength training in it’s purest form. Concentrated work on abs, legs, glutes, back, shoulders, chest and arms.


Moblie training pacakage is available for clients who perfer to exercise in the privacy off their homes.

Group Session available

If your ready to to take your fitness and health to the next level Call today! (561) 601-5060 Free assesment and consultant.

Our 3 step approach:

1.  EVALUATE:  We help ALL of our members get started by offering an evaluation of your fitness level.

2.  REVIEW RESULTS: Following your evaluation, your trainer will discuss your strengths and weaknesses along with a program recommendation.  They will also provide you with a basic workout so you feel comfortable in the gym.

3. CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROGRAM: Every individual's needs and goals are different.  The following pricing allows you to customize your own Personal Training Program:

EXPRESS SESSION                                 EXTENDED SESSION
30 minutes                                               60 minutes
 1 session     $35                                         1 session     $55
5 sessions   $165                                       5 sessions   $262.50
10 sessions $320                                       10 sessions  $475
20 sessions $600                                       20 sessions  $900

Add a friend to your session!  $8 per 30 min., $12 per 60 min.

Group Training

Receive the benefits of a personal trainer in a group environment!

1  session $15
10 sessions $120 (save $30)

(prices based on per person)