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Special Services


Personal Training Programs


  Working with a personal trainer is the most effective and safe way to reach your goals. Our certified personal trainers will design a workout program specifically tailored to target your individual needs. We offer personal training programs for people of all ages and fitness levels. If you have a goal, we can design the

program that will help you to achieve that goal quickly, and in a safe manner. You can learn more about our personal training programs below:


One on One In-Home Personal Training

One on one personal training involves only you and your personal trainer working together to accomplish your goals. We will tailor a program that is specifically for you. With one-on-one training, we will keep you motivated and accountable by incorporating a number of different types of activities. Some of these activities may include strength training, flexibility training, balance and stability training, boxing, aerobic workouts outdoors, etc. Working with a trainer one on one is much different than having a workout partner. Having a personal trainer will keep you motivated and keep you from becoming bored with your workout program.  We are sure that you will enjoy your one on one personal training experience.


Group Training

Group training is a personal training program that consists of 2-4 individuals working out together as a group. Group training is sometimes a nice option in that it will allow you the opportunity to get into shape while having fun with your friends or family. It will enable you to have a support team of your group, as well as your trainer. Group training can instill a nice sense of camaraderie, and sometimes can help with consistency of workouts.


Sport Specific Training

Are you an athlete, or prospective athlete, looking to enhance your performance on the playing field?  Our personal trainers are highly specialized in working with athletes to achieve peak performance. 


Personal Training for youth

Muscular strength and endurance of children and adolescents can be vastly improved by participation in a supervised weight resistance, as well as aerobic, training program.  Safety precautions must be taken, because children are anatomically, physiologically and psychologically actively developing.  Just as important, it is of high priority to create a program that is fun, as well as challenging, to aid in adherence and prevent boredom. 

Our personal trainers specialize in creating fun, as well as safe, training programs to help your teen improve not only their health, but their overall self-esteem.


Bride-to-Be Personal Training

Bride-to-be programs are individualized and customized through nutritional menus and fitness workouts that are truly designed for each bride. According to your wedding date, fitness and nutritional goals, body type, and daily schedule, our personal trainers will be able to get you ready before your wedding date! Our trainers provide the personal attention you need by email or phone and assist you in staying motivated to look stunning in your wedding day, honeymoon, and beyond.


Phone-A-Personal Trainer

Sometimes you may just need the assistance of a trainer to enhance your program.  Maybe you need some advice on different exercises to use to target a body part.  Maybe you are away on business and need a way to workout in your hotel room.  Phone-a-Personal trainer is one on one fitness and nutritional advice from a certified personal trainer.  This consultation service is available to you from the convenience of your phone.

Fitness Assessments

Have you ever wondered what your body fat percentage is?  How it compares to men or women in your age group?  Would you like to know what your bench press max is to test your muscular strength?  How about circumference measurement and endurance tests?  Let our trainers make sure that you are getting the results that you desire.  Fitness Assessments are great to ensure that you are making progress in the right direction.


Fitness/Figure Competitor Programs

Caters to year-round fitness competitors searching or the winning edge. Consultations include advice ranging from off-season training, to preparation for pre-contest training, to the count down to contest, to post competition strategies.


 Online Personal Training

 We also offer online personal training programs for those who would like to workout on their own with a customized program to follow.  Let one of our certified personal trainers write you a fitness program based on your specific goals.


 All Weights

All Weights is a personal training program dedicated to learning about resistance, or weight training.  The program consists of one-hour solely dedicated to weight training. 


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